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One in three students do not have Internet access at home.
Kajeet Education Broadband™ gives students safe mobile broadband to get their homework done. 


As more school districts implement digital learning initiatives requiring students to complete online assignments outside the classroom, millions of students lack digital access at home and are finding themselves caught in the Homework Gap.
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broadband improves student outcomes

School administrators and educators look for tools and resources to help improve student outcomes. 

  • Higher Graduation Rates
  • More Parent Involvement
  • Better Student Engagement
  • Increased Test Scores
  • Decrease in Bus Incident Reports


Solve Your Homework Gap

Which Kajeet Solution is Right for you?

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Anytime, Anywhere Filtered Internet Access
The Kajeet SmartSpot allows educators to provide their students CIPA-compliant, 4G-LTE Internet access outside the classroom so they can complete their required assignments and homework.
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Filtered Wi-Fi Solution for Your School Bus Fleet
Now students can safely study, learn, and collaborate on class assignments while on the bus with safe CIPA-compliant/education-content filters to keep students focused on schoolwork.

What district administrators say

  • Image: Diane
    The Kajeet SmartSpot is the difference between getting work done and not getting work done.
    Diane Doersch
    CTO/CIO, Green Bay Area Public Schools
  • Image: Donna
    Bridging the digital divide is very important for us. We have a lot of blended learning inititatives, and we want to make sure that ALL of our students have access to the tools they need after school.
    Donna Teuber
    Team Leader for Technology Integration, Richland School District Two
  • Image: Bob
    The SmartSpots have been critical to making sure everyone has access. Kajeet provides a really slick solution. We want to focus on kids making, creating and designing as part of their learning. You can’t do that just in the classroom. It is anytime, anywhere.
    Dr. Robert Dillan
    Former Director of Technology, Affton School District

The total number of hours student spent online completing homework since 2014 using Kajeet Education Broadband.



Resources for ed tech leaders

Digital Equity Toolkit Image

75% of school technology leaders do not have a plan for their students without Internet at home. Download the toolkit to get started.

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Extending the Classroom to the School Bus

Download our latest report to see how students are actually using this new connectivity and gain visibility into which website they're visiting, data consumption habits, and overall student usage patterns.


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More than 5 million low-income households do not have Internet access at home. Because of this “Homework Gap,” many students in those families are struggling to complete their homework. Their future depends on having the tools they need.

It is within your power to help. There are already heroes amongst us. Take this 10 question quiz to find out which Homework Gap Hero you are!

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