Provide your students with safe, mobile broadband connectivity on both the Sprint and Verizon LTE Networks -- through our partnership with CDW-G, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions to education.

Why Kajeet?

  • Bridge the Digital Divide - Kajeet provides anytime, anywhere mobile broadband access to digital learning, allowing disadvantaged students to keep pace with their peers.
  • Improve Test Scores - With student assessments such as PARCC and Smarter Balanced moving online, it is fair to assume that those students who are comfortable in a digital environment will perform better on these tests.
  • Affordable Solution - We provide a mobile broadband solution your district or school can afford with zero waste and no "surprise" monthly bills. Various funding options are available including Title 1, corporate sponsorships, or the IT operating budget.
  • Safe for Children - Kajeet is the only solution that provides CIPA-compliant filtering, ensuring that children have access to safe content that you can trust.

CDW-G and Kajeet have witnessed the growing demand from school districts for student broadband at home and on the go. “We have a broadband Internet gap – while 99 percent of schools today have access to the Internet, that connection at home is lacking for many students and preventing students from reaching their full potential,” said Julie Smith, vice president of K-12, CDW-G.  “The Kajeet solution helps narrow the gap to give students the ability to learn regardless of where they are in their community.”

To ensure safe connectivity outside of the classroom and to ensure that students have a level playing field for academic success and improved test scores, contact us today!

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