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More than a third of school districts experience one day or more of unplanned network downtime every year. CoSN reports this percentage has remained the same since 2014.

During an outage, cloud services and digital resources cannot be accessed by teachers, students, or administrators. Critical time can be lost especially for district offices.

What if your school or district could avoid losing critical IT functions? 

Now your school can experience increased uptime should a network fail. With the Kajeet Connect BackUp solution, your building will have an automated failover solution in the event of lost Internet connectivity. 


  • Customized filters for optimized router use in the event of an outage. 
  • Network security to protect against cyber attacks.
  • Manage filtering, data consumption management, and routers in the Kajeet Sentinel® cloud platform.
  • Always on, automatically available.
  • Rollover unused data monthly.
  • Program Manager assigned to assist you.
  • Optional professional installation service.
  • Option to view router location with GPS capability. 

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