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EducationSuperHighway reports 2.3 million students still lack access to high-speed Internet. Whether this is due to poor LAN infrastructure, lack of wiring capability, an offsite location, or any other reason, these students find themselves facing digital inequity.

What if your school or district could ensure digital equity for all students during the school day? 

Your school buildings can connect to the Internet consistently, without being tethered to a typical landline. The wireless Kajeet Connect Prime solution serves as the main Internet connection for everyday building and classroom connectivity.


  • Available on six North American wireless networks.
  • Customized filters for optimized educational use. 
  • Manage filtering, data consumption management, and routers in the Kajeet Sentinel® cloud platform.
  • Rollover unused data monthly.
  • 10 WAN/LAN switchable ethernet port.
  • Program Manager assigned to assist you.
  • Optional professional installation service.
  • Option to view router location with GPS capability. 

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