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When students have access to reliable Internet, they are more likely to succeed academically. Our goal is to help schools, districts, and communities create a safe, connected environment for students and families.

Let's work together to connect every student to the online tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. To help you get started, we have put together an affordable connectivity solution designed with students and educators in mind.

#connectednowTM Program Includes:

off-campus Internet access

Kajeet 4G LTE SmartSpot®


The Kajeet SmartSpot is a filtered 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that connects students anytime, anywhere. This portable hotspot provides access to safe, educational Internet, for any mobile device. Devices arrive kitted and fully activated, with a sturdy carrying case, charger, and quick start guide.

Image: Chromebook

Mobile Internet Device

$200 Subsidy

Along with a free SmartSpot, you will receive a $200 subsidy per line for any mobile device (i.e. Chromebook, SmartBus™, tablet, laptop). We can help you pick the device that is the best fit for your school's technology, curriculum, and connectivity needs.


Kajeet Complete Plan

The Kajeet Complete data plan is our most popular and affordable wireless data plan designed specifically for the needs of students. With this turnkey Education Broadband data plan, students receive enough data to complete their school work.


Your Choice of 4G LTE Network


Kajeet is the only Education Broadband provider available on all four major U.S. wireless networks. With the Kajeet Network Guarantee, your students will have access to the fastest, most reliable network in their area, or Kajeet will switch your network at no cost to you.

The Kajeet Difference

At Kajeet, we have one focus — education. We make it as easy as possible for you to connect your students and manage your program. That means no requirements or applications. Plus, we provide you with everything you need to make your program a success.

With Kajeet, you experience:

Image: Sentinel Dashboard

Kajeet Sentinel Portal


Kajeet Sentinel, the core of our connectivity solutions, provides educators visibility and control of their student connectivity program with filtering, device management, network security, and reporting tools all in one convenient online platform.

  • Advanced educational filtering
  • Time-of-day controls
  • Lost/stolen device alerts
  • Remote device controls
  • Instant reporting tools
  • Media check-out feature

CIPA-Compliant, Advanced Educational Filters™ (AEF)


Keep students on-task with filters that automatically block inappropriate, non-educational, and harmful (i.e. phishing, cyber threats) content. The Kajeet team will work with you to ensure students remain safe and focused on schoolwork when using Kajeet devices for Internet access.

  • CIPA-compliant
  • (Children's Internet Protection Act)
  • Preset (K-8 or 9-12) filters
  • Supports Google SafeSearch
  • Supports YouTube Restricted Mode
  • WatchGuard firewall
Customer Service

World-Class Support


A dedicated Account Manager will be there every step of the way to ensure your program is a success. We also offer an array of reports, guides, marketing materials, and templates to help you get the most out of your program.

  • Pre-activated, fully kitted devices
  • Deployment assistance
  • Training on Kajeet Sentinel portal
  • Program health checks
  • Ready-to-use marketing materials
  • (i.e. posters, quick start guides, parent resources)

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#connectednowTM FAQ

Program Details

Yes. As part of the #connectednowTM program, Kajeet will provide schools and districts both a free SmartSpot and a $200 subsidy towards a mobile Internet device for each new line.
The $200 subsidy is provided as a bill credit on the invoice.
No. Unlike other programs, the subsidy can be used for whichever mobile Internet device your school or district needs such as a Chromebook, SmartBus, Kajeet Connect router, tablet, laptop, etc.
The Kajeet Complete 500 data plan provides 500MBs of data (up to 15GBs of data per month). Working with over 1,000 schools and districts, Kajeet created this turn-key plan to provide students enough daily data to continue their studies while also saving educators money with unnecessary, unused data.
No. YouTube is not included by default. You can decide to include YouTube for an additional $4 per line, per month fee.

Most definitely! This program was designed to ensure every student has connectivity outside the classroom and current Kajeet customers are encouraged to take advantage. 

The program cannot be retroactively applied to existing lines of business and is only eligible for new lines.

Current customers are encouraged to contact their Account Manager to find out how the #connectednowTM program can be incorporated into their current program.

With Kajeet, you never have to worry about surprise bills, wasted data, or overage charges! 

With the Kajeet Complete Plan, you purchase your data based on the number of devices activated and the number of months required for coverage. Each device is utilized by one student and you will be limited to the CIPA-compliant, education-only content your student needs to complete required assignments. Your prepaid monthly fee per device is locked in for the life of the contract.

Only educational institutions located in the United States are eligible, including but not limited to:

  • K-12 schools and districts.
  • Private educational institutions.
  • Libraries.

Wireless Networks

The #connectednow program is the only one that allows schools and districts to choose whichever network has the best coverage in their area. You can mix and match to ensure every student has the best possible Internet outside the classroom.

Kajeet is the only Education Broadband provider available on all four major U.S. wireless networks. With the Kajeet Network Guarantee, your students will have access to the fastest, most reliable network in their area, or Kajeet will switch your network at no cost to you.

About Kajeet

Our story began more than 15 years ago with three dads figuring out how mobile technology, kids and parents work best.

Thinking of our own kids, ("Kajeet" is an acronym of the first letters of the names of the company's founders' children), we designed a service to provide them with everything they need to safely explore the exciting world of mobile technology.

When we started this company in 2003, we wanted kids to be agile with technology, to be empowered and safe, and we wanted to help them respond with confidence to what's happening in their world. Not incidentally, we want parents, educators and guardians to be involved too. Being part of the mobile world is not just fun, it's a responsibility - a shared responsibility. So we've designed Kajeet products to incorporate all the tools to help educators and families customize and manage every aspect of the mobile experience.

Kajeet was started because we live in a technological world – there’s no escaping it! We believe technology companies need to respect students’ desires for the coolest gadgets, but also respect educators' needs to protect their students.

Today, and in the years to come, that’s exactly where Kajeet wants to be: facilitating the mutual respect students and educators have as mobile technology continues to be an essential tool for helping students navigate their world.

Founded in 2003 as the nation’s premier mobile cell phone service for kids, Kajeet has been serving the K-12 education market since 2012. We have partnered with more than 1,000 schools and districts across the nation to help them power the K-12 mobile environment.

The Kajeet SmartSpot is a portable, 4G LTE hotspot each student can take home to complete required assignments and homework. It supports the latest, most advanced security and it is compatible with all industry-standard Wi-Fi capable devices across all operating systems. The SmartSpot has a long battery life, providing up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. Each Kajeet SmartSpot comes fully kitted and activated, with a custom, padded carrying case; charger; and instruction manual.

Terms and Conditions

  • Limited time offer; subject to change.
  • Not eligible or combinable with other discounts.
  • Applicable for new lines of service only.
  • Twenty-four (24) month service agreement required.
  • Shipping, applicable sales taxes, and TAF extra.
  • Subsidy provided as bill credit.
  • Program only available in the United States.
  • Only educational institutions are eligible.