Without Internet at home, students are:

  • Unable to complete their online homework.
  • Unable to watch flipped classroom videos ahead of time.
  • Unable to do research online for their assignment or projects.

And sure, they could stay after school for a few extra hours, every day. Or go to their local Starbucks for free Wi-Fi.

But why ask your students with the least to do the most?

Kajeet provides filtered Internet access outside the classroom to help students succeed. Send it home or install it on the bus, our trusted total solution is a complete connectivity package using Kajeet SmartSpot® devices (Wi-Fi hotspots) or the Kajeet SmartBus™ solution.

With robust CIPA-compliant filtering (no social media or adult sites) on four of the nation's fastest 4G LTE networks, you get insight into your data with reports and dashboards on Kajeet Sentinel®, the connectivity cloud platform.

Kajeet is proven and trusted by 600+ schools and districts across the country. Here are just a few:
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Help those students without Internet access at home

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