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The Making Learning Mobile 2.0 study takes an in-depth look at the impact of 1-to-1 tablet implementation, including Internet access outside the classroom, with Chicago Public Schools students. Kajeet®, the only wireless service provider dedicated to kids and education, and Project Tomorrow®, a national education nonprofit, announce the results from a two-year-long study on the impact of mobile devices on teaching and learning. The project was sponsored by Kajeet with funding from Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach Initiative.  

What is the impact on learning when every student in the class has a tablet with Internet access at school and at home? The key findings from this study indicate that the powerful combination of the tablet with 4GLTE access resulted in:

Key Study Findings

  • Increased At-Home Internet Access - The school-issued tablet increased at-home Internet access for this cohort of students by 53 percent.  This is especially significant given the persistence of the digital divide in home Internet access within our urban communities.
  • Increased Reading and Writing Fluency - The teachers felt more comfortable and assigned more reading and writing homework because the students had home internet access which resulted in increased reading and writing fluency, which is especially important for English Language Learners.
  • Increased Engagement in Lessons - More than seven out of ten students (72 percent) said having the tablet increased their engagement in school lessons; 32 percent strongly agreed with that connection.

There are still many schools without adequate wireless Internet connectivity to allow these devices to function to their full capability. Studies like this one show teachers, students, parents and administrators the value of not only the technology, but the necessity for connectivity as well.

Daniel Neal
CEO & Founder, Kajeet