Introducing Kajeet SmartBus™ GPS

We are excited to announce the Kajeet SmartBus, which currently brings educational Wi-Fi to the bus, now includes a GPS feature for all users. 

Here is what you will receive with the Kajeet SmartBus GPS:

  • Filtered Wi-Fi for students on any of the major 4G LTE networks (and you can connect to up to two carriers).
  • All buses connected with SmartBus will be listed on the Kajeet cloud dashboard, Sentinel®. You will see a map of all buses as icons, showing their last known location.
  • Details of individual SmartBus devices including: date and time of last location, specific location coordinates, and latest speed recorded.

And, since Kajeet is available on four of the nation's fatest 4G LTE networks, you can choose the carrier – or carriers – that provide the most robust coverage in your area.

School Bus Wi-Fi Can Be More Than Just Internet

Districts can reduce bus behavior incidents and increase their driver retention. And, Kajeet provides reporting dashboards to ensure the most effective use of data. Extend the classroom to the school bus with Kajeet Education Broadband™.

Kajeet solutions are proven and trusted by 400+ schools and districts across the country. Here are just a few:


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