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Homework Gap Heroes Quiz

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And that is not all... Read about Real-Life Heroes closing the Homework Gap!

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Agent Gigabyte

Agent Gigabyte is able to pull thousands together for one cause – as in 1024 MB for 1 GB. Their ability to adapt to situations quickly and respond accordingly makes them the person people turn to in times of need. When tensions are high, they take a breath, calm themselves down first and then quickly proceed to help others.

Friendly and personable. Because Agent Gigabyte knows the best ideas come from communicating and collaborating, they are always engaging their students and colleagues in discussions and they make the work environment friendly and fun. They love using social networks to reach out to new groups and mindshare.

Creative and committed. Agent Gigabyte identifies the strengths of the team and capitalize on them. They know setbacks are natural and that it’s important to always keep their confidence level high. Part of their job is to put out fires and maintain the team’s morale. Everyone can count on them always coming up with a creative solution to any problem.


Image: Captain Connectivity