Green Bay Area School District Simplifies Mobile Broadband Implementation

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The Green Bay Area Public School District, like many across the country, is focused on how to successfully integrate technology into their teaching process. With 41 schools and more than 21,000 students, 60 percent of whom qualify for the free or reduced-cost lunch program, ensuring digital equity among the students both inside and outside of the classroom can be a challenge.

“We’re focused on developing technology-rich lessons as part of the District’s curriculum goal. Using digital learning, students can collaborate together on documents and communicate with their teachers in and out of the classroom. Providing student mobile broadband gives teachers an opportunity to enhance their lessons and not hold back on assignments because some students may not have Internet access at home," said Diane Doersch, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Green Bay Area Public Schools.

When Diane was charged with making sure that all the students in Green Bay had access to the Internet after school, she knew the key to success would be to implement a thoughtful and organized system that could be easily managed across the 10 schools in the pilot program.

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