2018 Homework Gap Grant


The Homework Gap Grant is now closed.

The use of online tools, collateral, and multimedia are common in every type of curriculum and across every grade level. Educators now incorporate digital learning initiatives into lesson plans because of the power these resources bring to the learning experience.

Today’s students are technologically savvy and easily embrace digital learning. In fact, a recent study shows more than 70 percent of students in grades K through 12 think every student should have access to a mobile device during the school day to embrace learning.1 Additionally, 30 percent of high school students use the Internet on a daily basis to complete their studies.2  

Within every district, there are hundreds, or even thousands, of students who do not have Internet access once they leave the classroom, creating an unintended Homework Gap between those with Internet and those without. Nationwide, five million households with school-age children lack Internet access at home.3  Ultimately, this lack of connectivity jeopardizes students performances, grades, and even graduation rates.

As the industry leader for safe, mobile student Internet connectivity, Kajeet powers the K-12 mobile environment. Paving the way for student and teacher success, our secure Kajeet Sentinel® platform centrally manages and enables safe, online connectivity and visibility into learning, while closing the Homework Gap. Extend the school day with Wi-Fi on the bus and Internet access outside the classroom. From school-to-home, Kajeet has K-12 mobile covered.

In 2018, we are giving away 15 Homework Gap Grants to districts and/or schools looking to provide their students with either 10 Kajeet SmartSpot® devices or one (1) Kajeet SmartBus™ device. With our Homework Gap Grant, your school or district can have the opportunity to roll out or expand on your technology program by providing additional connectivity opportunities for your students.

Grant Details

We understand that many times it’s important for districts to pilot a program before rolling it out to an entire grade or district. Our goal is to provide safe, mobile student Internet connectivity. The Kajeet team will help guide you through the launch process by helping set success metrics so when the program concludes your team has the numbers to justify the need.

As a recipient of this grant your team will receive the following:

  • Ten (10) Kajeet SmartSpot devices with up to ten (10) months (the remainder of the school year) of Kajeet Complete™ service  with 500MB per day OR
  • One (1) Kajeet SmartBus device with up to ten (10) months (the remainder of the school year) of Kajeet Custom™ service with 5GB per month.

Both solutions include educational and CIPA-compliant filtered Internet, access to the Sentinel cloud portal, one Kajeet Health Check, and fantastic customer support.


All applications must be completed by Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. Winners will be notified by email and/or phone by Friday, Aug. 31, 2018.


Winners will be selected based on the district or school’s current technology program (goals, expectations, plans for expansion, and parent/student involvement) and the determined need for connectivity. Winners cannot be current Kajeet clients. Applicants must illustrate plans for a comprehensive program with goals and metrics in place that will show success after the school year is complete.

Applicants must identify the following:

  • Describe your school or district's digital learning program(s). Please include the following: mission, significant milestones, key accomplishments, and overall goals.
  • Describe the overall digital learning results your school or district hopes to achieve over the next three years.
  • Explain how the student population and parents will be involved in the digital learning efforts of your school or district, and/or how feedback will be collected and incorporated into the project design.
  • Describe the results your school or district hopes to achieve during the deployment period and how you will measure your success.
  • Identify the school or district staff who will champion this program.
  • Describe how Internet access outside the classroom is integral to your school or district’s current (or future) digital learning program.
  • Describe your district’s greatest challenge in terms of connectivity outside the classroom.
  • Determine how many students are without Internet access at home, how those students are identified, and plans for distributing devices to students.

Additional criteria includes:

  • Only schools and districts, including charter and virtual, operating in the K-12 space are eligible.
  • Only schools and districts, including charter and virtual, operating in the United States or Canada are eligible.
  • Previous applicants are strongly encouraged to reapply.

2017 Homework Gap Grant Success Stories

Last year’s Homework Gap Grant winners were very successful in deploying their digital learning initiatives and ensuring students had Internet access outside of the classroom. Read our blog to learn how five districts used the Kajeet Homework Gap Grant to launch technology programs in their districts.

1. Project Tomorrow Speak Up Survey 
2. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 2015
3. Pew Research Center