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Kajeet is industry- and device-agnostic. Sentinel gives our partners the power to control the connectivity used in a wide array of IoT solutions.


  • School internet connectivity
  • Distance Learning

  • Solve the gap between student access and homework
  • School Bus WiFi

Keep All Your Students Connected

Enterprise IoT

  • Healthcare. Wireless connectivity management for better home health monitoring, improved patient care, and medical supply chain management.
  • Public Safety. Connecting first responders to mission critical communications. We have the data plans and SIM cards needed for all devices.
  • Telecommunications. Flexible data plans adapt to your usage patterns. With Sentinel, you’ll end up getting more use out of your data.
  • Transportation. A connected vehicle is a more powerful vehicle. We can help you keep track of your assets in real time, no matter where they go.
  • Utilities. We help utility companies, waste and water management, and field service companies connect and control their IoT solutions and devices.
Keep Your IoT Devices Connected

Communication Service Providers

  • Full lifecycle wireless network development

  • Management on a turnkey MVNE platform
  • Best-in-class OSS/BSS
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