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Communication Service Providers

Launch a robust mobile network

Kajeet Carrier Solutions

Accelerating your wireless launch. From concept to reality.

Our multi-carrier flexibility, advanced management platform, and API integrations mean that your projects can be scaled from dozens to millions of devices without compromising network performance or security. Our team of wireless industry veterans can bring any wireless vision to life with exceptional clarity. We work with regional telecommunications companies, MSOs, and others. 

Sentinel MVNE

More than just an OSS/BSS.

Our expertise goes beyond typical BSS/OSS-focused MVNEs as we take on the design, technology, and carrier requirements that make it possible for our customers to deploy their own solutions with speed, efficiency, and confidence. Kajeet’s time-tested methodology for rapidly developing scalable MVNOs is made possible by proprietary technology that simplifies MVNO management.

  • Solution Architecture. We have designed and delivered MVNOs, IoT, and Private LTE systems. Rely on our expertise to accelerate proof of concepts, vendor evaluations, and requirements development for BSS restructuring and for new, emerging businesses beyond residential MVNO.
  • Application Development. We have agile development teams with wireless OSS/BSS, e-commerce, and a diverse set of third-party platform integration experience. We bring unique insights and capabilities in development, requirements, testing, etc. for MSO architectural solutions.
  • Feature Development. We design and develop features that can be procured using multiple methods, e.g., Provisioning Engines (eSIM and Dual SIM), Promotions Engine, Executive Dashboards, Operational Dashboards, operational tools. We accelerate your time to launch.
  • Subject Matter Experts. Staff a project on a long or short- term basis with a variety of subject matter experts. We provide experts to augment your teams and ensure project success.

Full lifecycle wireless network development and management on a turnkey MVNE platform

Kajeet’s Sentinel MVNE platform is an ecosystem, not just a billing system. We help our clients create award-winning mobile solutions and accelerate their time-to-revenue.

Our platform provides, at its core, a best-in-class Operations/Business Support System (OSS/BSS), ensuring that our MVNOs get the rate plans and structures they need to succeed in the marketplace. Sentinel MVNO’s ability to provide flexible and adaptable rate plan models gives our customers a unique edge in this highly competitive market.

Key functions covered by the core OSS/BSS capability include billing, reporting, fulfillment, and notifications, among others. The Sentinel MVNE Platform™ is a broadly capable software platform that enables customers to deploy cloud-based wireless solutions under their own brand name.


Secure, highly scalable modular platform with pre-existing, integrated support of a wide range of ecosystem vendors connected by API integrations.


Large-scale MVNO deployments with a seasoned team of MVNO experts with MSO experience in workflows, business logic, carrier limitations, and client integration.


Our engineers have years of dedicated research and development with DSDS, fixed wireless, and Private LTE.

Platform. Experience. Technology.

Through our years of experience, we’ve developed a depth of knowledge and expertise that few companies can offer.