Wireless Solutions for Healthcare

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Improving patient care across the healthcare continuum

Wireless technology is changing the way we do healthcare. By delivering quality telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, the digital transformation of the healthcare industry results in better patient outcomes, expanded access to quality care, increased staff productivity, and lower overall costs.

“Our partnership with Kajeet allows us to provide our customers with fully managed, secure, multi-carrier connectivity for their telehealth solutions.”


Kajeet Connected Health Improves Patient Experience

Healthcare providers and device manufacturers partner with us to provide high quality healthcare. Together we can launch secure, fully managed digital healthcare solutions for telemedicine, remote patient monitoring (RPM), disease tracking, and clinical trials. From procuring and provisioning devices to forward and reverse logistics and ongoing mobile device management, let us help you deliver these innovative services anytime, anywhere and enhance the patient experience.

For Healthcare Providers

Telehealth extends the reach of healthcare providers beyond traditional clinical settings. See how Kajeet partners with healthcare providers to make healthcare more accessible and improve patient satisfaction.

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For Device Manufacturers

For patients who want to play a more active role in tracking their health, remote patient monitoring brings healthcare home. See how Kajeet teams up with manufacturers of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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Kajeet’s Wireless Solutions for the Healthcare Continuum

Maximize your ROI and build upon the innovative technology transforming the healthcare industry with Kajeet. Want to improve the patient experience? Start and scale your application with one of Kajeet’s wireless healthcare solutions.

  • Fulfill Unprecedented Demand for Telehealth
  • Reduce Risk and Maintain HIPAA Compliance
  • Expand Coverage and Healthcare Access with Ease
  • Effectively Leverage Emerging Medical IoT


Kajeet can help you provide high quality healthcare.

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