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Navigating today’s educational waters presents challenges unlike anything that has come before. Dramatic increases in remote and hybrid learning needs require creative solutions to keep students engaged and on track. And for students who were already affected by the homework gap – living without reliable access to the internet – greater reliance on remote learning only widens the gap. That’s where Kajeet comes in.

We provide reliable, safe solutions designed to increase digital inclusion and take the drama out of remote education. Whether you want to extend your K-12 classrooms with SmartBus(™) WiFI, power your university with SmartSpots(™) or engage your community through public libraries, we have a solution that fits your needs.

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Remote Education
Made Simple

Our remote education solutions apply across the education spectrum, from kindergarten through higher education – and beyond. Find the right solution for your school district, university or community:

Remote Learning is here to stay, though it may take on different forms.

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K-12 Solutions

Close the homework gap with solutions tailored to your young learners.

Higher Education Solutions

Boost your digital inclusion for college and university students.

Public Libraries

Turn your library into a powerful vehicle for digital inclusion and community engagement.

Comprehensive Funding.

Funding doesn’t need to be a hurdle to achieving digital equity in your school district or community. Visit our comprehensive list of grants, prizes, and relief funds for help.

Kajeet Powering Remote Education

Kajeet was built for education, with safety in mind. Kajeet SmartBus™, and Kajeet SmartSpot™, Kajeet HomeWireless and LTE-Embedded Devices support remote learning by providing reliable digital access for students, even when they’re not at school.

Kajeet SmartBus™

Close the homework gap with solutions tailored to your young learners.

Kajeet SmartSpot™

Provide access anytime, anywhere with filtered mobile hotspots.

Kajeet HomeWireless

Connect multiple student devices to a faster and more powerful Internet.

LTE-Embedded Devices

Provide Internet and device for connecting in one convenient, sturdy package.


All Kajeet education solutions utilize our Sentinel® Platform so you can manage, monitor, and protect your devices.

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