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School Bus Transportation

School Bus WiFi For Your Fleet

Extend the classroom and connect your bus technologies with the #1 school bus WiFi solution.

The Kajeet SmartBus is the #1 Solution in School Bus WiFi

With more than a decade of experience in education, Kajeet understands the needs of students and educators in both K-12 and higher education institutions. Up to 65 students can connect at one time, making it ideal for community WiFi, daily bus routes, athletic buses, field trips, mobile STEM labs, and bookmobiles.

  • Filtered WiFi for On-the-Go Security and Connectivity. Customizable filters keep students safe and on-task, while allowing administrators to get the most out of their LTE data.
  • Breadcrumb Trails for Bus Tracking See an overview of the route your school bus took. The breadcrumbs trail feature provides an easy visual to understand the driving route of buses in your fleet. And this visual can help point out any discrepancies along with possible route optimization options based on this trail.
  • Monitor Bus Speeds When viewing your school buses on the Kajeet Sentinel dashboard, gain insight into the posted speed limit and the reported speed of your buses. Create recurring or stand-alone reports to show speed limit violations in order to take action with the bus driver and ensure a safe ride for all students.
  • Now Featuring 5G Kajeet now offers a 5G solution for SmartBus. Our WiFi solution allows users to connect to 5G where it’s available (and 4G LTE when it’s not.) Contact Kajeet today to see if the Kajeet SmartBus 5G solution has launched in your area!

Benefits of Schools Bus WiFi

Park WiFi-equipped buses in school parking lots, neighborhoods, mobile park homes, and apartment complexes to support students without Internet at home amid virtual learning.

The WiFi signal reaches up to 150 – 300 feet from the bus, allowing students to practice social distancing while accessing the internet.

  • Help students complete online homework while traveling to and from school, athletic events, and field trips.

  • Decrease student behavior incidents.

  • Improve driver focus and safety by reducing distractions.

school bus wifi

Keep your students safe & CONNECTED

Ensure every student has access to safe and reliable internet outside the classroom.