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IoT Business Solutions

Connect and control your Enterprise IoT solutions quickly and easily.

Access and management of all your devices on one pane of glass.

As IoT connectivity becomes central to business and industrial applications, managing data consumption and maintaining reliable wireless service will become even more critical to staying competitive. Kajeet’s network- and device-agnostic connectivity management platform offers enterprise customers the ability to easily monitor and manage data usage across millions of devices across the globe for improved efficiency.

Sentinel IoT

A private and secure IoT network and M2M solution

  • Optimized Connectivity. Our network-agnostic capabilities allow devices to connect to the best available wireless network regardless of their location or technology to improve IoT network performance and agility.
  • Threat Protection. Kajeet adds a secure IoT network through layers of protection from data vulnerabilities and enable our partners to create private wide area networks secure from malware and other cyber threats.

  • Simplified Management. We enable effortless control over embedded wireless connectivity, IoT networks, data, devices, and security from a centralized management console.

Multi-Network Kajeet SIM.

A single SIM that works anywhere you need reliable connectivity.

Provide uninterrupted global network availability to ensure critical systems never experience downtime. With Kajeet’s multi-network access technology, your customers will have access to a high-speed backup network should devices lose their primary network connection. Enable faster fulfillment through a single solution that provides day-1 connectivity anywhere your devices are deployed.

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