Wireless Device Management for
Connected Health and Medical IoT

From embedded sensors, wearables, and connected implants to monitor patient health and alert staff, to smart tags, hotspots, and provider portables that enable advanced asset monitoring and location tracking, mobile access to health information, and enhanced provider communications, Kajeet lets you achieve and manage cost-effective, high-performance connected health across an increasing number of wireless devices—all within your HIPAA-compliant environment.   

“Our partnership with Kajeet allows us to provide our customers with fully managed, secure, multi-carrier connectivity for their telehealth solutions.”


Fulfill Unprecedented Demand for Telehealth

Through easy onboarding of wireless telehealth devices like home health monitors, wearables, care kiosks, and provider laptops and handhelds, Kajeet helps you speed adoption of telehealth to improve patient outcomes and cut down on cancelled appointment and readmissions.

  • Scalable provisioning of wireless devices across multiple global carriers and data plans

  • Easy and remote patient monitoring device setup and activation with the click of a mouse

  • Full-service kitting options for pre-activated telehealth devices that are ready to go

  • Open APIs for effortless integration into your existing connected health platform

Reduce Risk and Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Kajeet’s Sentinel platform, secure VPN DirectAccess, and value-added services offer layers of protection for connected health networks to reduce your at-risk footprint, compliment HIPAA compliance, and secure personal health information (PHI), while preventing costly overages.

  • HIPAA-friendly with personal health data never stored or collected by Kajeet

  • Secure site-to-site and VPNs for protected access with no public internet connection

  • Customized website filtering, malware blocking, and threat protection for all devices

  • Data sharing/rollover options and device usage management avoid unnecessary expenses

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Expand Coverage and Healthcare Access with Ease

With Kajeet, limited access and lack of coverage no longer impede expansion of your telehealth services. Our flexible data plans, multiple carriers, and customized settings—all managed under one easy-to-use platform—let you reliably connect caregivers and patients anytime, anywhere. 

  • Fully-managed connected health across all major carriers and multiple networks

  • Multi-network access and dual SIMs ensure uninterrupted connectivity at all times

  • Versatile mobile network kits for fast connection of pop-up clinics and mobile medical units

  • Custom usage and permissions ensure the right coverage for every device and user

Effectively Leverage Emerging Medical IoT

Whether it’s tracking medical equipment and medicine, connecting ambulances and mobile units, or streamlining communication and access to health information, Kajeet’s intuitive Sentinel platform and analytics let you manage all your wireless devices and gain valuable insight to make informed, cost-effective decisions for effective medical IoT implementation.

  • Real-time visibility and management of devices, carriers, and networks under one platform

  • Tracking and monitoring of usage, connection status, traffic patterns, and web activity

  • Efficient inventory, transaction, and account management and workflows

  • Customizable and user-friendly dashboard interface with robust reporting tools


Kajeet can help you provide high quality healthcare.