Wireless Connectivity Management Platform for Better Home Health Monitoring, Improved Patient Care, and Medical Supply Chain Management

As telehealth technology becomes an essential component of quality health care delivery, health providers and medical device manufacturers must adapt by maintaining superb wireless connectivity and using the right tools to manage their services.

Our Healthcare IoT Connectivity combines our cost-saving wireless connectivity, industry-leading IoT connectivity management platform, and hardware solutions for better health monitoring, improved patient care, and guaranteed compliance with government mandates for Medicaid and other health programs.

  • Private Cellular Network for All Patient Devices and Monitoring Solutions

  • Security and Control Over Usage and Threat Protection
  • Multiple Options for Plug-and-Play or Customizable IoT Solutions
  • Open APIs for Easy Integration into Your Platforms

IoT Device Grouping Management.

With the ability to create a hierarchical account structure, our Sentinel platform allows groups to inherit multiple policies and controls across different parts of your organization. Manage your organization or client groups with set security and policy requirements.

Secure Remote Device Management.

Sentinel makes it easy for you to maintain the health of your device. With the device management capabilities, you can remotely update applications and manage inventory of active vs. suspended devices.

Fast Device Onboarding and Network Setup.

Kajeet’s superior customer and account management teams handle the kitting, activation, and setup of all your devices and ship them to any location once they are ready to go. Prefer to DIY? Our Sentinel platform has easy-to-use, self-service activation tools to activate and deactivate devices with the click of a mouse.

  • Customer Support and Operations Portal

  • Full-Service Kitting and Activation on the Network

  • Lifetime Account Management


Kajeet can help you provide high quality healthcare.