A Streamlined Approach to Cellular Connectivity for Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) device manufacturers constantly struggle with speed to market. The requirements of an RPM solution are demanding.

Kajeet is making it easier than ever for its customers to quickly and efficiently move from product concept all the way through deployment, while allowing engineers and product designers to focus on the development of applications and solutions.

The Kajeet IoT Module Initiative is a part of Kajeet Labs, a dedicated incubator space for companies looking to test out new technologies and IoT use cases along the product development pathway. Kajeet offers expertise on initial design and module evaluation, testing alongside leading module manufacturers, cellular certification, and mass production.

With the launch of its IoT Module Initiative, Kajeet fast-tracks the product development cycle by allowing customers to connect their solutions with cellular connectivity.

Our development kit includes the following:

  • Cellular connectivity from major carriers
  • SIM cards with 90-day free trial
  • Access to the Kajeet Sentinel platform
  • Consultation with Solutions Engineers & Architects from Kajeet Labs
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Enabling Solutions Across the Healthcare Continuum

Wireless technology is changing the way we do healthcare, and Kajeet is at the foundation of this movement by bridging the digital divide and offering a robust set of solutions for companies in the connected healthcare space:

  • Capitalize on the unprecedented demand for connected health solutions and leveraging emerging IoT services
  • Scale and improve operational efficiencies with improved capabilities for cost management and productivity
  • Accelerate speed to market with Kajeet Concierge
  • Focus on your core business and let us take care of procurement, deployment and other labor-intensive tasks
  • Deploy IoT initiative quickly and successfully with a partner that has the expertise and track record of making it happen
  • Select from a comprehensive services portfolio, all under one roof, with only one bill to manage

For connected healthcare companies (RPM service providers, device manufacturers, and telehealth application providers), Kajeet offers a highly secure and reliable connectivity and service to enable the successful delivery your solutions anytime, anywhere. This helps strengthen caregiver-patient relationships, drives better patient outcomes, increases staff productivity, and lowers costs for healthcare providers.

“Our new IoT Module Initiative offers RPM device manufacturers expert guidance along the path to cellular connectivity.”


More Than Just Connectivity

While Kajeet provides optimized connectivity, it also offers a robust IoT management platform (Sentinel®), and Kajeet Concierge services that include procurement and provisioning, configuration, deployment and logistics, managed and professional services and tiered support.

  • Control device and data management from a single platform
  • Optimized Visibility and next generation analytics for greater control and decision making in real-time
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Fast 24×7 customer service and multi-tiered support

Our solutions support:

  • RPM and other connected device manufacturers
  • Telehealth application providers
  • At home healthcare connectivity solutions
  • Connectivity solutions for senior living facilities
  • Clinical trials

Kajeet’s industry expertise, decades of experience, actionable insights, a best-in-class partner ecosystem ensures our customers satisfaction and the success of their IoT projects. Our mission to bridge the digital divide has been proven effective; giving us the capability to offer true and tried solutions for our clients in the connected healthcare space.

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We provide optimized, secure and complete connectivity to ensure success of IoT projects.


Kajeet’s cloud-based management platform allows connectivity and IoT device management in a single-pane-of-glass, providing insights into your data for greater control and decision making in real-time.

Kajeet Concierge

Our comprehensive service portfolio enables you with the tools needed to scale and run your connected healthcare.


Kajeet can help you provide high quality healthcare.

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