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With kids and families on the go, providing students with safe broadband outside the classroom may seem challenging. The Kajeet SmartSpot makes it easy to provide today's mobile students with safe access to education content.

Students (and their families) don’t fit one particular profile; after the bell rings not all your students go straight to a house with Wi-Fi Internet access. Students may go to a babysitter’s house. It may be their week with dad -- or perhaps they need to meet mom at the library because they don't have Internet at home. Many kids spend the evening tagging along with older siblings to sport practices or activities. Whatever the circumstances, students can have the tools and resources to complete their homework—anytime, anywhere.
What is the SmartSpot?SmartSpot_800_angle.jpg
This device is not your ordinary, everyday Wi-Fi hotspot. With the Kajeet SmartSpot, students easily connect to a lightning fast 4G network -- on any of the four major carriers. And any Wi-Fi compatible Chromebook, Netbook, laptop, or tablet they use is filtered specifically for school assignment use; inappropriate and non-education content is filtered and cannot be accessed. The SmartSpot makes it easy for your on-the-go students to safely complete their homework and off-campus assignments without worries of abuse and unnecessary distractions.
Plans Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs
No two school districts share the same off-campus Internet connectivity needs; each one has its own specific challenges, budget limitations, and staff constraints. In order to provide the best possible fit to meet the needs of all districts, Kajeet offers two Education Broadband plans for the SmartSpot that can be custom-tailored to fit the unique needs of each school district.
Plans for the Kajeet SmartSpot
  • On-device menu screen and navigation keys allow the user to easily scroll through menus to get critical information-at-a-glance.
  • Compatible with all industry-standard Wi-Fi capable devices across all operating systems.
  • Easy view battery strength, signal strength, connected devices, password and more.
  • Long battery life provides up to 8 hours* of use on a single charge, and customizable settings in a Web UI provide features such as screen sleep settings to help extend the battery life. * Battery usage varies according to the number of connected devices and level of activity.
  • The Kajeet SmartSpot comes in two models to connect to either the Sprint or Verizon 4G LTE wireless networks.
  • Supports the latest, most advanced security protocols required by some of the strictest school district VPNs, including IPv4 NAT and IPv6 Firewall, unique Wi-Fi password, MAC address filtering, Wi-Fi privacy separation and hacker prevention features.
  • Industry-standard WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Custom-made, protective SmartSpot carrying case for device and accessories.
Beyond the SmartSpot: Bring Your Own Device

Do you already own and distribute Wi-Fi hotspots or other wireless embedded devices such as Chromebooks, tablets or laptops?

No need to discard them, you can bring those devices to Kajeet, and we can provide you with the same CIPA-compliant, education-only filtering that you would receive on the Kajeet SmartSpot only embedded in your current computing devices. Be sure to ask your Kajeet representative for details about our convenient Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) conversion program.

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