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In 2016, the FCC issued an order to “modernize” the Reagan-era Lifeline Program to expand support for Broadband services to low-income households. Kajeet planned to partner with school districts to identify student households who qualify for the program to offer Kajeet Education Lifeline™ and make it easy for schools to offer the Education Lifeline program for students and families.

Kajeet was approved by the FCC in January to be a Lifeline Education Broadband Provider. The FCC put these new approvals back into a pending status in February to align with the new FCC’s leadership and priorities. Given these developments, Kajeet is placing our Education Lifeline program on indefinite hold until we receive further instruction from the FCC on the future of broadband access under the Lifeline program.

We will continue to work with state, local and federal agencies on opportunities to find additional funding for low-income students needing broadband access. 

This does not impact any of our existing products or services and we remain the leader in Education Broadband access off-campus.

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