Kajeet Sentinel Platform

A robust and scalable platform for all your wireless needs


Kajeet’s product suite uses Sentinel as the foundation to enable devices to access online content and filter content as needed. The platform allows administrators to manage data allocations across multiple carriers and track how devices are used.

Optimized Data Connectivity

  • Service Provisioning. Activate all your devices on any of the major network carriers for better coverage anywhere in the world. Our platform allows for eSIM/SIM provisioning, dual-SIM support, and number porting.

  • Usage Processing. Our patented platform allows you to control data usage by setting a specified amount of usage over customizable time limits and can be aggregated at the group, account, or device level. View your data consumption in real-time and suspend or unsuspend data usage allowance.

Cloud Device Management

  • Device Management. Connect devices via our cloud-native IoT Device Connectivity Management system and query the device for any type of information that can be provided via standard APIs, including connection status, signal strength, and network information.

  • Policy Management. Create customized security filtering by IP, application, or URL, enable time-of-day controls, and trace URL tracking for your account as a whole or by groups and individual devices.

  • Billing. Sentinel MVNE offers full billing functionality for MVNOs including device purchasing options, rate plan selection, invoicing, collections, and usage rating

  • Application Integration. With over 200 application integrations already established, our API structure supports Rest and SOAP APIs, API throttling, and web application firewalls.

  • Customer Management. Use a hierarchical account structure to manage multiple groups of devices or individual clients without having to leave your dashboard. With the support and subscriber management built-in, you can easily manage all your devices and subscribers.

  • E-Commerce. Sentinel MVNE offers MVNOs a robust e-commerce engine with product catalogs, complex pricing and promotions including a shopping cart and invoicing, fraud and credit checks, user identification, and experience optimization with intelligent search and merchandising.

Intelligence and Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics. Get device usage, traffic, accounts, and trend reporting in real-time to understand usage and account activity for more informed decision making.

  • IoT Gateways. Get day one IoT connection with a bilateral messaging bus, private IPs, and a secure platform for connecting multiple networks via one access point.


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