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A Robust Platform for Deploying Solutions

Build, connect, and control your wireless solutions.
Quickly and easily.


Connect and control multiple networks across all your devices. On one platform.

Our Sentinel platform makes it easy to monitor real-time data consumption, device status, SIM connectivity, and network activity.

Our multi-carrier flexibility, advanced management platform, and API integrations mean that your projects and devices can be scaled from dozens to millions of devices without compromising network performance or security.

Whether you are connecting students in a distance learning environment or sensors to the IoT, Sentinel makes it easy to connect, control, and deploy your solutions.


Kajeet understands the importance of mobile security to a business’ operations.

From malware infestations to widespread worm outbreaks, mobile devices can be hijacked by an ever-evolving list of advanced threats in today’s computing environment, putting a company’s entire operations under siege.

Standards and Certifications. Kajeet uses NIST and ISO frameworks as guidelines to craft policy, establish standards, implement technology, and manage security. The Sentinel platform has been audited for SOC 2 Type 1 compliance by a certified third party.

Identification and Authentication. We utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA / 2FA) wherever possible. By provisioning access for users, applications, and systems according to the principle of least privilege, we limit access to the greatest extent possible, granting it only as necessary to perform a function.

Data Protection. Customer data is stored and processed in accordance with industry best practices. This includes appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to secure data from unauthorized access, disclosure, and use.

Data Sharing. Data Ownership: All data gathered from a customer or the devices they own and manage remains the property of the customer with complete and unequivocal rights to dictate how they want their data to be used. Data Collection and Use: Data will only be collected by Kajeet as necessary to fulfill its duties as outlined in the customer’s contract or service agreement. Furthermore, Kajeet will use data only for the purpose of fulfilling its duties and providing services to customers, and for improving its services.

Data Backup. System backups are scheduled and managed through an automated system. Full backups of application and database components are performed weekly, incremental backups are performed daily, and data is synced real-time between datacenters.

Data Destruction. Data retention periods are established in contracts or service agreements that outline how and when customer data will be destroyed. Data is destroyed via secure deletion and certified destruction of physical storage media when it is retired.

Monitoring and Alarms. Our NOC provides 24/7/365 monitoring of service performance, security alerts, unusual activity, and resource utilization. We have established protocols to manage issues from detection to resolution, as well as customer communications throughout the process.

Disaster Recovery. Kajeet maintains a disaster recovery plan to identify and reduce risks, manage incident response, and ensure the timely resumption of essential operations. The disaster recovery plan is tested on an annual basis.

Personnel. We employ the services of 3rd party contractors and business partners in developing and maintaining our systems and applications. All contractors and employees are required to undergo background checks prior to being granted access to Sentinel systems, applications, and data.

Network Security. The Sentinel network is protected by several layers of security, including Firewalls, NAT, VLAN, host-based IDS / IPS, real-time and scheduled scans for vulnerabilities and malware. Our top-tier data centers employ physical security and redundant systems that ensure the service remains available and its data is protected.

Kajeet makes it quick and easy to manage

Build, connect, and control your wireless solutions.