Private Network Communications

Securely connect to and interact with your devices through Kajeet’s private network, DirectAccess.

Kajeet DirectAccess enables customers to deploy private mobile networks to securely communicate with mission critical applications and IoT devices without using public IP addresses. Our solution facilitates secure and reliable site-to-site and VPN client private network capabilities using a combination of private IP addresses, IPsec VPN tunnels, and client VPNs to connect a customer’s environment or remote worker directly to their connected devices through the Kajeet’s private network.

Benefits of IoT:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Ability to Track and Monitor Connected Assets
  • Automation
  • Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency

But it offers risks as well. Many IoT devices are connected to the public internet through public IP addresses, exposing them and the data they transmit to hackers and other nefarious activity. As our dependence on IoT grows, organizations need to find ways to facilitate secure and reliable pathways to access and interact with their IoT devices at scale.

Kajeet’s DirectAccess does just that, giving customers the ability to remotely access and interact with their connected devices through SecureRoute, Kajeet’s private network.

How it Works:

DirectAccess Features

Relying on the public Internet to power your business applications and IoT strategy is risky. It exposes you and your clients to hackers and other nefarious activity that can result in data breaches or even worse. Let Kajeet’s DirectAccess help you create a private, secure, and reliable way to drive your IoT strategy and initiatives.

  • Security Kajeet’s network is protected by several security layers, including Firewalls, NATs, VLANs, host-based Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, real-time and scheduled scans for vulnerabilities and malware.
  • Privacy. DirectAccess creates a private pathway between your environment and the Kajeet network. You can rest assured that devices and applications will remain protected from the public Internet’s security vulnerabilities.
  • Control. Our highly secure private network allows customers to identify and interact directly with their cellular-connected assets without transiting to the public Internet, which would leave those assets vulnerable to hacking and other nefarious activity.
  • Management. Sentinel, our innovative cloud portal for data and device management, allows you to manage all your devices through one pane of glass while providing enhanced filtering, network security and reporting tools. Sentinel enables you to clearly visualize individual DirectAccess connections and effortlessly take action.


Remotely access and interact with your connected devices on a secure, private network.