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Your network should work as hard as you do.

Ensure business continuity with Kajeet connectivity.

Get optimized connectivity anywhere, anytime with Kajeet’s simple, secure, and scalable wireless networks. We ensure remote sites have reliable access to the Internet and keep you connected with wireless backup during an Internet outage. Give your customers the best connectivity experience possible with Kajeet.

Sentinel Network Choice

Kajeet offers highly available, multi-network connectivity with coverage in over 169 countries including all major North American carriers as well as Internet failover solutions, on-premise WiFi for edge locations, and customized data plans to meet your unique needs.

Kajeet Private Networks

The one-stop-shop for turnkey 4G LTE and 5G private networks delivers everything you need to easily design, install, and manage your own private wireless network.

Kajeet Secure Access

Our network, and the devices using our network, are protected by several layers of security, including host-based Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, real-time and static code scans for vulnerabilities, and malware protections.

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