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Optimized Data Connectivity

Carrier-grade service with more flexibility and added features.


Our data plans are flexible, meaning you can adapt them to your usage patterns, whatever they may be. Instead of buying a standard data package and losing all the unused data at the end of the month, our solution allows you pick your preferred data size per device. And because you can share data across networks and devices, you’ll never have to worry about paying for data you don’t use. With Sentinel, you’ll end up getting more use out of your data.

  • Share Data Across Account

  • Rollover Data

  • Multiple Network Types including CAT-1, CAT-M, NB-IoT, and 4G LTE
  • Applications include: utilities monitoring, marketing display enablement, electronic charging station monitoring & more!
Kajeet SIM Card
Price Tag

Cost Control

Optimized, pay-as-you-go data plans for sharing across all devices as they need it, no matter the network.

cyber security

Threat Protection

Secure private networks for end-to-end remote connectivity and real-time visibility into blocked attacks.

device as as service

Network Management

Choose any combination of the major North American carriers or our international partners for better coverage.


Why choose one carrier when you can have them all.

Multiple carriers deployed anywhere.

We have a relationship with all the major North American carriers, so you can choose the carrier that works best for each device, depending on location or other factors. It doesn’t matter if you or your customers use one or multiple carriers across your devices; all of them can be managed and billed through a single account.

Share data across all devices and networks.

Our optimized, pay-as-you-go data plans are purchased in bulk for sharing across all devices as they need it, no matter where they are. Sharing the data instead of buying a certain amount for each device each month eliminates overage costs. Businesses don’t have to waste money on data they paid for but never used.

Rollover data month-to-month.

Paying for a GB of data per month and only using 500MB? In a typical plan, if the data isn’t used, it’s lost — along with the money that was spent on it. With our plans, not only is data in one shared bucket for use across all devices, it doesn’t expire until the end of your contract. The data continues to rollover each month until it’s used up.

Multi-Network Kajeet SIM.

A single SIM that works anywhere you need reliable connectivity.

Provide uninterrupted global network availability to ensure critical systems never experience downtime. With Kajeet’s multi-network access technology, your customers will have access to a high-speed backup network should devices lose their primary network connection. Enable faster fulfillment through a single solution that provides day-1 connectivity anywhere your devices are deployed.

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As embedded connectivity becomes central to business operations, managing data consumption, and maintaining reliable wireless service will become even more critical to staying competitive. Our connectivity management platform is a network- and device-agnostic tool that offers our partners the ability to manage their data for improved efficiency and controlled cost allocation.

Kajeet SIM Card