Accidents Happen.

When you find out a student has lost/damaged a SmartSpot accessory, simply use the following form to quickly and easily replace it.

Choose from the following accessories:

  • SmartSpot Cases
  • SmartSpot Charging Cords
  • Instruction Manuals

After completing the form, a Kajeet representative will contact you to confirm your purchase and process your payment either via Purchase Order or Credit Card.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-240-482-3500 or email us at

*Shipping charge. Kajeet ships USPS Priority using the $6.95 flat rate price. If you’re ordering a large number of accessories, we may need to charge an additional amount to cover the larger cost.

Get Started With SmartSpots

Supporting a small program or just taking Kajeet SmartSpots for a test drive? It’s easier than ever with our SmartSpot Starter Pack. Get 20 Kajeet WiFi hotspots (or more!) on your choice of major US carriers via an online order – no phone call required!

Pro tip – if you represent a tax-exempt organization, have a PDF version of your TEC on hand and attach it to your order.