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Turn that Ride Time into Connected Time

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According to the American School Bus Council, 26 million students ride a school bus each year. Considering even students with a relatively short, 20-minute commute can spend hundreds of hours on the school bus over the course of the school year. When you add it all up, it is estimated that U.S. students spend a staggering 520 million school days on buses each year.

What if a student could use that travel time to work productively on school assignments?

With Kajeet SmartBus™, your students can safely study, learn, and collaborate on homework and class assignments while travelling to-and-from school, school-sponsored sporting events, and field trips. 

Kajeet's Education Broadband™ allows each school bus to be equipped with 4G LTE connectivity pre-configured with safe CIPA-compliant/education-content filters to keep students focused on schoolwork and not on distractions.

With Kajeet SmartBus, districts can purchase data in bulk from their choice of the two leading 4G LTE wireless broadband networks in the nation. The data pool is placed in the account and available for use across all buses. Data does not expire and rolls forward each month. Additional data can be added to the account at any time. Included with the plan is the Cradlepoint® IBR1100 cellular router, antenna, as well as the CIPA-compliant filtering, time-of-day controls, URL allow/deny controls, and access to reports and analytics.

Why Kajeet? 

  • Safe and Filtered Internet. 100% CIPA and school policy compliant broadband access controls costs by preventing waste and abuse.
  • Improve Test Scores - With student assessments such as PARCC and Smarter Balanced moving online, it is fair to assume that those students who are comfortable in a digital environment will perform better on these tests.
  • Affordable Solution - No surprise pricing. No guessing. No hidden fees. No monthly rate plans. No data expiration. No overages!
  • Safe for Children - Kajeet is the only solution that provides CIPA-compliant filtering, ensuring that children have access to safe content that you can trust.

What Educators Are Saying About Kajeet

Clearly, when we give kids the ability to take home a Chromebook, we have them learn at home. And now the same is true on your way home. Our kids are so busy, travel home and then jump in a car to little league practice. Now you can do homework on the 45-minute bus ride.

Dan Mannix, Superintendent of Beekmantown CSD

One of the veteran bus drivers who drives a Wi-Fi bus, has noticed that incidents of misbehaviors have really decreased dramatically. If you have students that are engaged while theyre' on a bus, they're going to be a lot less likely to act out.

Gary Lambert, Beekmantown CSD

Connectivity in non-traditional spaces is becoming increasingly relevant. Our students will benefit from "Wi-Fi-on-the-Go", transforming school buses into vehicles for learning and expanding opportunities to learn before and beyond the bell.

Alberto M. Carvalho, Miami Dade County Superintendent of Schools

Kajeet works with school district personnel to bring broadband connectivity to students who do not have it at home.  At this time, we do not sell directly to the family. If you are a parent or student and require Internet access at home, please contact your principal or district IT department and ask about Kajeet.

Once upon a time, educators believed it was not their responsibility to feed hungry students, but hungry children cannot learn. As with food, so too with Internet connectivity; and the time will come when all districts recognize that it is their responsibility to provide broadband outside the classroom to children whom – for whatever reason – otherwise would go without it.

Daniel Neal
CEO & Founder, Kajeet