Network downtime can happen to any business for any number of reasons – perhaps cables are cut by a nearby construction or roadwork crew, or you fall victim to a DDoS attack or ransomware. 

With over eighty percent of retailers experiencing at least one Internet outage every year, chances are network downtime will impact your business. 

And when outages occur, often suddenly, it is important that your Internet-dependent business operations keep running. This includes your POS system, online ordering systems, digital signage, inventory management, smart sensors and temperature monitoring, and VoIP phone systems. Even a few minutes without Internet can cost your business thousands to tens of thousands of dollarsnot to mention making your customers unhappy. 

To ensure business Internet continuity in the event of network downtime, many are investing in LTE failover, which is essentially ‘Internet Insurance’ – you hope you never have to use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it. LTE failover is simply a backup cellular network connection if your primary Internet connection is ever compromised.

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But not all LTE failover solutions are the same. Here are some things to look for when evaluating different solution providers.  

Easy Integration & Automatic Failover

When investing in an LTE failover solution, make sure that the system will easily integrate with your primary Internet connection. When network downtime occurs, the Internet backup router should automatically detect the outage and seamlessly pick up as the new connection. 


To ensure your business is not at risk of a security breach when your primary Internet goes down, your LTE failover should include several layers of security, including Firewalls, NAT, VLAN, and scans for vulnerabilities and malware. 

In short, your backup connection needs to be just as secure as your primary Internet.  

Ability to Control Which Applications Get Priority

To reduce data usage and save money, it is important to have the ability to control which applications and systems get priority when your primary network goes down. For example, you may decide that your guest WiFi is not essential, but you will want your POS system to stay connected. You should also be able to limit other high data usage activities such as video streaming and system updates.  

And when you can control which applications are allowed to use your cellular Internet backup connection, you can avoid unnecessary (and expensive) unlimited data plans.  

Flexible Data Plans

If you are managing multiple LTE failover routers across multiple locations, you should look for solution providers that allow you to share data across all devices and rollover unused data. Hopefully, you will not be using your LTE failover connection every month, so you should not have to pay for ‘use it or lose it’ monthly data plans. 

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Choice of Network

Having the flexibility to choose the networks with the best coverage in your area, and the ability to switch networks if needed, can be a game-changer. If the LTE connection you have is not reliable, then it is not going to provide the results you need when your primary connection goes down. 

If you are dealing with multiple locations, having the option to mix-and-match networks will ensure every store, restaurant, or office building has the best coverage possible. It is a bonus if you can manage all networks under the same solutions provider and utilize one data plan.  

Kajeet LTE Failover Solution 

When it comes to investing in a secure, reliable, and affordable LTE failover solution for your business, Kajeet can help. Our complete LTE failover solution is trusted by retailers, restaurants, hospitals, and school districts across the country. And with Kajeet, you get more than just Internet: 

  • Your choice of connectivity on any of the major North American carriers. 
  • Flexible data plans that allow you to share data across all devices and networks. 
  • Access to our patented device and data management portal, Sentinel®. 
  • The ability to customize which devices, applications, and systems to get access to the backup network. 
  • A dedicated account manager to help you through the launch process and support you during the life of your program. 
  • And most importantly, a secure network. Our solution includes firewalls, NAT, VLAN, host-based IDS / IPS, real-time and scheduled scans for vulnerabilities and malware. Plus, our top-tier data centers employ physical security and redundant systems that ensure the service remains available and its data is protected. 

To learn more about how Kajeet LTE Failover can protect your business, contact our team to set up a meeting.