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Healthcare is becoming increasingly interconnected. From telehealth visits to remote patient monitoring, the ways in which we receive and deliver care are transforming.

Learn how the City of Williamsburg, Virginia, is tackling the digital divide through providing WiFi connectivity to their communities of highest need.

Once districts receive their slice of the FCC's Emergency Connectivity Fund, what connectivity initiatives will they prioritize?

IoT-enabled fleet data can save your business time and costs in addition to improving safety and efficiency. Understanding where your organization is in smart fleet maturity is an important first step towards realizing these benefits.

Learn how a public safety company found success through partnering with Kajeet for their LTE radio solution offerings.

Need to quickly get up to speed on the ECF? Here, we list some ‘fast facts’ that you need to get up to speed and making steps towards securing this funding to support digital equity in your school, district, or community.

Beeline Group needed a more cost-effective and sustainable connectivity partner to power its worldwide workforce. Learn how the company partners with Kajeet, a managed IoT solution provider, to deliver best-in-breed connectivity to its Mobile Merchandisers.

There are important differences between mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs), and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that tech leaders must be aware of before choosing a specific network topology and building or acquiring the infrastructure needed to meet business needs. Here we talk about these differences and how to determine which option is right for you.

Learn how Sano Health partners with Kajeet to enable healthcare providers to deliver safe, reliable, and effective telehealth services to their patients.

Founded in 2018 as "the new face of taxi," zTrip is revolutionizing the ride booking industry. Learn how zTrip partners with Kajeet to provide reliable multi-carrier connectivity for its drivers on the road.

Technology can be used to enable personalized learning, save educators time, and equip students with the digital literacy skills that they need to succeed in 21st-century careers. What are some metrics to consider as administrators seek to improve equity and student outcomes?

IoT devices and IoT analytics have found a wide range of uses in many different industries, and many business networks and IT infrastructures are even designed with IoT applications in mind. Here, we talk about some of these industries and discuss some of the newer, up-and-coming business use cases for IoT data analytics.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the education landscape. What are some of the more popular teaching and learning tools in use today, and where are things headed over the next few years?