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The FCC recently released nearly $250 million in funding for telehealth solutions. What are some key points and best practices applicants should know?

What kind of data can be extracted from IoT solutions, and how can enterprises use it to make more better decisions and improve processes?

How can we work to create equity and accelerate learning for students once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides?

Most of us are familiar with the LTE data our phones consume, but do you understand how LTE frequency bands actually work? In this blog post, we discuss LTE bands, the different types available, and how they are used in the telecom sector.

Whether you have in-class learners, virtual students, or both, making parents and students as comfortable as possible with their chosen method of learning is a critical component of student success. Here we talk about a few tried and tested strategies that can help with running a socially distanced in-person classroom. We also provide strategies for teaching and engaging with remote students, maintaining a feeling of community despite class dispersion, and working around student and family connectivity and access issues that can hamper even the best-laid plans.

Wondering if a metered Internet connection is right for you? Read on to learn more about what metered Internet is and when you should or should not use a metered connection. We also share tips on setting up a metered connection for your home or business.

Between contact tracing, infection screening, and remote patient monitoring, there are many medical IoT innovations that the COVID-19 pandemic response has advanced. How will these continue to develop and impact our world, post-pandemic?

In the second of this blog series, we discuss the legal implications of HITECH and the IoT Improvement Act as they relate to medical HIPAA compliance. We leave you with some strategies to consider when launching an IoT system for healthcare applications.

Hybrid networks and Private LTE (PLTE) can provide organizations a host of benefits, from enhanced coverage and bandwidth to tight security and resilience. Here, we discuss why your organization needs both.

IoMT devices and systems meaningfully help doctors, patients, and families across the entire healthcare services spectrum, but are inevitably subject to security attacks. HIPAA was passed to protect individuals from these attempted hacks, and here we talk about HIPAA compliance as it relates to medical IoT devices.

What impact does the skills gap have on the economy, and what can higher education institutions, businesses, and policymakers do to close it?

SIM card security is vital to understand in order to secure your devices and personal assets. In this blog, we discuss one of the biggest SIM card security threats - SIM-jacking - and how to protect yourself from it.

There is a lot to understand when it comes to securing federal funding for your distance learning and remote student connectivity programs. In this blog, we outline an overview of the available funding sources and how you can get started.