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Digital education has a largely untapped potential to provide unforeseen experiences for children. The quality of experience that Private 5G networks provides make digital learning fun and engaging.

Numbers don’t lie, and when studies reveal the growing acceptance of virtual care in the modern healthcare environment, we know that we are on the right track to supporting our clients in their quest to serve healthcare providers with their telehealth and RPM solutions.

Read the SmartFailover guide to learn how to keep your business-critical systems running during and outage. The guide explains the top causes for outages and how to prepare for them.

The new survey sponsored by Kajeet, "State of Internet Connectivity and the Digital Divide in the U.S.," provides a detailed look at Americans' beliefs about high-speed internet access before the pandemic, during the pandemic and going forward

In this episode, Dominic speaks with Son Dang of Loop (formerly RenewAGE) about the company’s path to success in EV charging solutions. Drawing from his own pain points from his own experience as an EV driver, Son shares how Loop set out to build and deliver a cost-effective, scalable IoT connectivity solution to the EV charging space.

Top 3 Considerations for EV Charging Solution Providers: Solution Elements and Logistics, Analytics and Monitoring, Ensuring Success and Sustainability.

The reopening of the 2.5 GHz spectrum (often referred to as the Educational Broadband Services or EBS) for use in Tribal lands, the versatility of private wireless 5G networks, supportive non-profit institutions, and increased availability of government funds to close the digital divide has renewed interest in building mobile broadband networks in Native communities.

As district leaders, it is always essential to consider how you can best support summer learning efforts while maintaining a level of fun and enjoyment for students. Here are some resources to help reduce the summer slide in your district this year.

According to a 2022 School Transportation News poll, 82% of K-12 transportation professionals have experienced an increase in behavior challenges from students during the pandemic since 2020. While there is not one easy answer when it comes to solving student behavior challenges on the bus we explored a few strategies districts are deploying that are making a difference.

To help you wrap everything up and set your tech team, teachers, and students up for success this summer and for the upcoming school year, we put together an end-of-year tech checklist.

For schools and districts, connectivity must consist of more than just a SIM card - here are 4 things to consider when evaluating provider to keep your student connected outside the classroom.

In this episode, Dr. Chen shares with Dominic all about how his PhD work developed into the company that is now VSee, how the VSee team delivers streamlined telehealth experiences to physicians and supports NASA Space Station’s communication system, and how the company’s mission mindset guides their humanitarian work in Ukraine and other high-need areas across the globe.

Are your beverage taps IoT-connected? If not, they should be. In this conversation, Dominic speaks with Ben Maphis, Vice President of Engineering at Sestra Systems, about the company’s journey to meet a gaping need in the market. Listen in as Ben shares his experiences with enabling IoT-connected beverage tap solutions, as well as innovating, scaling growth, and gaining expertise across a variety of steps along the value chain.