An intuitive and secure platform for managing, monitoring, and protecting all your wireless devices

Sentinel is the Foundation Behind Kajeet’s Wireless Solutions

Whether it’s local or mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or IoT sensors, the number of wireless devices continues to increase in today’s digital world.

These devices are essential for everything from closing the digital divide and supporting distance learning, to enabling vital telemedicine, first responder communication, asset tracking, and real-time monitoring across multiple industrial and consumer applications.

Users and administrators need an easy-to-use platform that gives you granular control over all your wireless devices—regardless of carrier, user, role, or application.

That’s Sentinel.

What you can do with Kajeet Sentinel Program™

Customize Your Experience

Customizable dashboard provides an intuitive visual overview of the data you need.

  • View device, contract, and account status

  • Track data usage by device, custom group, or timeframe

  • Monitor web activity and URL requests

  • Drill down to see exactly how individual devices are being used

Manage and Activate Devices

Easily set up and manage parameters, permissions, and status for all devices across all carriers.

  • Set and manage data usage limits per device

  • Create custom filter groups for devices based on function, location, or category

  • View device specifications and enter custom device information

  • Create private, secure mobile networks via DirectAccess™ that eliminates public IP addresses

  • Update device status and self-activate device SIM cards for major network carriers

Streamline Device Flow

Media center gives you efficient inventory management and checkout system for all your devices.

  • View total, checked-out, available, and checked-in devices by type or group

  • Set and view device return due dates with automatic suspension and overdue notification

  • Check in and check out devices on the fly to minimize waiting times and ensure real-time availability

  • Label devices with a borrower ID for easy recognition and view transaction history

Maximize Safety and Security

Patented web filtering ensures Internet safety, prevents data leaks, and avoids cyberattacks.

  • Implement standard or customized web filtering for CIPA compliance

  • Allow and block specific web sites and URLs by device or group

  • Ensure continual protection via Kajeet’s automatic filter category updates

  • Set and manage usage time frames to protect users and prevent exceeding data usage

Create Actionable Insights with Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Schedule and run detailed reports for a clear view into user engagement and account status for making informed decisions and demonstrating ROI.

  • Keep on top of transactions and account details

  • Run reports on daily and total usage, top users, and usage status

  • Create detailed web activity reports to analyze Internet activity and URL requests

  • View and examine usage and traffic patterns for valuable user and program insight

Track and Manage SmartBus™

Ensure Internet access when and where it’s needed for Kajeet’s SmartBus customers.

  • View SmartBus location via GPS with a common Google map interface

  • Track routes and real-time location with location updates every 15 seconds

  • Integrate with existing bus routing systems for added assurance of actual and planned routes and locations

Embedded into Kajeet’s wireless solutions, Sentinel is a patented innovative platform that lets you custom manage multiple networks and accounts across all your wireless devices, while ensuring safe and secure online environment via Kajeet’s innovative web filtering, impenetrable firewall and next-gen malware detection—all in one easy user interface.

Kajeet Capabilities


Robust Data Connectivity

Agile connectivity on your terms.

Our network-agnostic connectivity means you’re getting optimized connectivity anytime, anywhere. When your data usage needs vary, flex to meet the moment. Measure usage and set limits in real time, share and roll-over data across devices and networks, leverage multi-carrier activation and dual-sim support to deliver seamless connectivity for every user.

  • Usage Processing

  • Service Provisioning

  • Multi-carrier Network Management


Device and Data Management

A singular console to manage everything.

Our Sentinel device and data management platform centralizes all devices, data usage, user groups, and policies in a single console for high visibility and low maintenance. Remotely manage policies and permissions from a single dashboard for settings and analytics.

  • Device Management

  • Policy Management


Private and Secure Networks

Proactive protection. Centralized threat management.

With connectivity through Kajeet’s private SecureRoute network, you’re maximizing every gig of data you pay for by setting customizable user limits and secure boundaries. Users are protected by secure filtering and non-addressable IPs, along with darkweb blocking, proactive malware and ransomware blocking, and botnet protection.

  • Security

  • Private Networks

  • Policy Management


Advanced Analytics and Actionable Insights

Visibility that optimizes performance.

Our Sentinel platform powers informed decisions with predictive analytics, customized dashboards, and reporting for your account trends, device usage, and web traffic. Our IoT gateway provides a secure platform for connecting to multiple networks through a single console.

  • Reporting

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Actionable Insights


Customer Account Management

Flexible management for dynamic user groups.

Configure hierarchical user and group policies that meet varied and changing needs with multi-level filtering, category management, and more. Our customer account management settings offer both granular functionality and grouping capabilities to streamline how you manage user access policies, subscribers, devices logistics, and licenses.

  • Customer Account Management

  • Billing and Ordering

  • Single Account Management – Subscriber / Customer Management

Getting started is simple.