How Can You Be In The Loop If YOu're NOt on the BUs?

It is beyond difficult to know what is happening on every single bus in your fleet at all times, especially if your school bus fleet is large. 

However, there are certain situations when operations needs to be aware of a situation on a particular school bus. And it can be difficult to rely on the school bus driver, who is currently handling that particular instance. So what happens?

Kajeet SmartBus Router

Instant Alerts from Bus to Dispatch

Respond to critical bus situations faster and more effectively.

Kajeet SmartBus with Intelligent Sensors provides automatic alerts to transportation departments through sensors on the school bus. These sensors continuously monitor the status of school bus components and alarms (i.e. silent alarm, roof hatch opening, door opening, etc.). 

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Email and SMS
Instant Notifications
Silent Alarm
Silent Alarm
Warning Symbol
Set Specific Alerts
4G LTE Networks
4G LTE Coverage
School Bus
Monitor Bus Components
Kajeet SmartBus

Connecting Piece: KAjeet

The Kajeet SmartBus™ brings filtered, 4G LTE Internet to the school bus. Our router provides the connecting piece that allows the sensor or switch to trigger the system of alerts from your school buses to dispatch.

Stay in the know, Now.

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