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do you have students without internet at home?

Thirty-nine percent of school-aged children do not have Internet access at home. As online learning and assignments continue to grow, a large number of low-income students find themselves caught in a widening Homework Gap.
student wifi hotspot


The Kajeet SmartSpot® is a filtered Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing students to easily connect on any of the nation’s five leading networks. Keep students on task and safe when accessing the Internet outside the classroom.

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CIPA-compliant, customizable filters
Kajeet Sentinel cloud portal access
Usage & data reporting
Time-of-day access controls
Media check-out
Available on six 4G LTE networks
Summer suspend
Complete managed solution
Pool and share data
Account Health Check

pricing & data Plans to Close YOUR Homework Gap

No two schools or districts share the same off-campus connectivity needs. Kajeet offers two Education Broadband™ plans for the SmartSpot, custom-tailored to create your unique plan.

SmartSpot Plans
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“The Kajeet SmartSpot is the difference between getting work done and not getting work done.”
Diane Doersch , CTO/CIO Green Bay Area Public Schools (WI)
“Digital equity is about so much more than homework. As we help these students, we are helping entire families.”
Jerri Kemble , Assistant Superintendent Lawrence Public School District (KS)
“We are able to look at test scores, grades, and graduation rates to measure the results and we've seen some good results so far. Using Kajeet SmartSpots gave these kids avenues to complete all their homework. We even had some students who were able to bring their grades up to honor role status from so-so grades.”
Ron Huff , Hispanic Family Liaison Richland School District Two (SC)
ED: Homework Gap eBook

eBook: Closing the Homework Gap

This eBook discusses the homework gap — how it affects a community, barriers school districts face and strategies to overcome this new gap which is emerging today, one which affects millions of school-aged children. It also serves as a guide to increasing student success.

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