Kajeet HomeWireless™

A cost-effective and robust WiFi solution for multi-student homes.

Kajeet HomeWireless™

At-Home Internet for Multiple Students

Kajeet’s HomeWireless kit offers school districts everything they need to deliver safe, secure, and CIPA-compliant access to internet-based learning resources in multi-student homes that need to provide a one-to-many fixed connectivity solution.

Education-Focused Fixed Wireless

Kajeet HomeWireless delivers secure, reliable internet connectivity that is up to 5x faster than traditional WiFi hotspots. The new router-based solution comes standard with unlimited data and provides an always-on, always-available connection.

  • Support Multiple Students in a Single Household. The Kajeet HomeWireless router is strong enough to support multiple students learning concurrently – with no lag or bandwidth issues.
  • Home Unlimited Data Plans. The Kajeet Home Unlimited data plans are perfect for providing secure Education Broadband to multiple student households.
  • Keep Students on Track. See what sites students are visiting in real-time, blackout computer screens, and block distracting sites and apps in one place.

5x faster than a traditional hotspot.

Kajeet HomeWireless offers a robust router to ensure anytime, always available connectivity. Coupled with our Sentinel Education Broadband management platform, Kajeet HomeWireless is the right solution for connecting and protecting students doing schoolwork at home. Our custom firmware, applied at the device level, eliminates a student’s ability to bypass security protocols and use the device for other things like gaming, entertainment streaming etc

Start closing the digital divide today!

Do you have multiple students in a single household that need reliable Internet connectivity?