Internet Failover

Providing network resilience during Internet outages

Stay online with Kajeet’s LTE Network Failover

Kajeet will keep your critical business systems online.

If the unexpected happens and your Internet goes down, our LTE internet failover solution ensures your business stays up and running, reducing the impact to company revenue and operations.

You never know when disaster will strike. The consequences of a network outage are far-reaching. As companies become more reliant on the Internet and cloud-based services to run all aspects of their business, uninterrupted access has become more than just an IT issue; it’s a core business necessity.

It’s no surprise that 92% of companies said they were concerned about the impact of a major Internet disruption.

Reduce downtime and lost revenue with Kajeet’s secure and automated internet failover solution.

You can’t always control what happens, but you can make sure you never have to deal with the inconvenience and potential loss that comes with an internet outage.

92% of organizations experienced internet disruption in the past year

Just one hour of downtime at the wrong time can cost revenue, damage a reputation, expose sensitive data, and present a risk of security threats.

Our Automated Solution

We’ve got you covered! Kajeet’s LTE network failover solution provides a stand-alone cellular gateway or router that uses LTE connectivity to automatically switch over when the primary network fails.

Our cloud-based malware and defense tools merge with your existing security architecture to provide additional protection during an outage. It can be easily integrated into your network infrastructure and works with all the major North American wireless networks.

Our backup internet for businesses provides centralized data and device management and monitoring. Using policy controls, we ensure that neither data nor money is wasted on non-essential functions.

  • Better Customer Experience. Your customers will thank you for being prepared with an Internet failover solution that keeps them connected in the event of an outage.
  • Multi-Network Access. Access to any combination of the major North American wireless networks.

  • Customizable Network. Hardware and services are fully tailored to your needs and integrate with existing network infrastructure.

  • Optimized Data Connectivity. Share and rollover data across multiple networks and devices.

Prevent network Downtime

Ensure your network works as hard as you do.