Connect Prime™

On-premise LTE internet for edge locations.

Reliable Internet in Every Building

The Kajeet Connect Prime™ solution ensures remote sites have access to the Internet – increasingly a must-have for IoT deployments. Connect Prime uses an LTE connection on the network of your choice, to provide Internet where a typical broadband connection isn’t reliable.

Enhance On-Premise Access with Kajeet’s All-in-One Network Connectivity Solution

If the Internet goes down, productivity stops as well as critical IT functions like payroll and VoIP phone systems. Kajeet Connect BackUp™, a wireless backup solution, will automatically turn on when your main internet connection goes down. Plus, you can control what sites and applications are deemed critical during an internet outage to keep data usage low.

  • Easy to Launch. Devices arrive fully activated, provisioned, and kitted – making it easy to roll out.

  • Your Choice of Network. Kajeet works with all major North American wireless networks, meaning you can pick your network—or networks—for the best coverage in your area.

  • Block sites like Netflix and Spotify. Customizable filters, or integrated filtering capabilities, keep users on-task while allowing organizations to get the most out of their data by blocking high data usage sites.

  • Real-time Device and Data Management. All Kajeet solutions include access to the Sentinel® portal, which allows administrators to manage devices, filters, access controls, and data allocations, as well as get key insights into how the program is performing.

  • Lifetime Support. Every customer receives a dedicated account manager, training for administrators, and tier-1 support for users to ensure your program is a success.

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Ensure your building has reliable internet

With more than a decade of experience in wireless, Kajeet understands the needs of organizations looking for a more reliable wireless solution.