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Private LTE and Fixed Wireless

Create a secure and streamlined wireless ecosystem.

Kajeet makes it easy to create a secure and streamlined wireless ecosystem by integrating users, machines, sensors, people, and vehicles on a private LTE network.

Private LTE networks provide footprint extension to stadiums, enterprise, smart cities, public transportation, schools, hospitals, and more.

Kajeet’s private LTE network uses unlicensed spectrum (CBRS) and is highly secure – more attractive than WiFi. Our solution enables content and security controls and subscriber provisioning and management.

Organizations can build, manage, or provision a private and secure LTE network on any carrier, setting the stage for the next generation of network intelligence.

  • Network owner authenticates user

  • Coverage limited to the enterprise campus
  • Bandwidth (QOS) set by the network owner
  • LTE over-the-air security (superior to WiFi)

  • User traffic remains on the enterprise intranet


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