Wisconsin Information Technology Infrastructure Grants

The State of Wisconsin approved up to $15 million to expand broadband Internet for students outside the classroom through the Information Technology Infrastructure Grant. The application is available and due Friday, Feb. 2.

For the purposes of this grant, “improving information technology infrastructure” includes purchasing and installing portable Wi-Fi on a bus and purchasing Wi-Fi hotspots for students to borrow from a school.

Which means, rural districts in Wisconsin will be able to use these funds for the Kajeet SmartSpot® and/or SmartBus™ solution.

How Kajeet Provides Internet Outside the Classroom

The Wisconsin Information Technology Infrastructure Grants create an opportunity for you to help connect students. And Kajeet is right here to make that connection happen, affordably.

Our safe, mobile broadband Internet keeps students connected either at home or on the bus with CIPA-compliant filters. Additionally, our Sentinel® cloud platform provides administrators with analytics, reporting, and a convenient dashboard to gain insight into student usage.

And we serve schools across the nation, including 27 districts across Wisconsin.

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For further information or to get in touch with an education specialist, please email us at sales@kajeet.net