Wisconsin Personal Electronic Computing Device Grant

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Personal Electronic Computing Device Grant approved $9.2 million in annual funding for the next five years.

The application must be submitted by Friday, Feb. 15.

This grant requires eligible school districts to match the grant’s reimbursed amounts. School purchases made from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 are eligible for reimbursement. The maximum reward each district may receive is $125 per ninth-grade student.

Not only will the grant fund student curriculum and training, but you can also use these funds to purchase Wi-Fi hotspots, Chromebooks, Chromebook cases, or everything in one Kajeet Chromebook Bundle!

How Kajeet Provides Internet Outside the Classroom

The Wisconsin Personal Electronic Computer Device Grant creates an opportunity for you to help connect students. And Kajeet is right here to make that connection happen, affordably.

Kajeet helps students succeed by providing more than just Internet outside the classroom. The Kajeet Student Access™ solution connects students to the mobile tools they need. And with our secure Kajeet Sentinel® platform, Kajeet provides safe, mobile connectivity and visibility into learning.

Kajeet serves over 850 schools and districts across the nation, including 53 districts across Wisconsin.

Complete the form to have a Kajeet representative contact you about this grant opportunity and see what a Kajeet Student Access solution would look like for your students.

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