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No matter what you are trying to achieve for your school or institution of higher learning, we can help you find the right technology to make it happen.

Kajeet Education Solutions

Kajeet was built for Education and with the safety of students in mind. Keep students on track in a digital classroom and keep tabs on the devices you provide.

  • School Internet Connectivity. Don’t let your students fall behind the curve. Make sure you have high-speed internet and WiFi coverage across your entire campus.
  • Distance Learning. Distance shouldn’t put a damper on learning. Empower your students to connect wherever they need, whenever they need through distance learning programs.
  • Homework Gap and Student Access. Twelve million student households are without internet access. Provide students with the connectivity they need to succeed.
  • School Bus WiFi. Keep your drivers happy, students connected (and behaving), and buses running safely. Get everything you need from a sole source partner rather than multiple vendors.

LTE Chromebooks

Outfit your students with LTE-ready Chromebooks for the ultimate student connectivity solution.

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Outfit your fleet with WiFi to improve school bus safety and extend the classroom.

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Provide students Internet access anytime, anywhere with a filtered mobile hotspot.

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Connect Prime

Provide internet access across your entire campus and prevent unplanned downtime.

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