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Kajeeet Education Broadband

Kajeet is committed to connecting every student to the online resources they need to succeed. And to help schools meet that goal, we’re introducing our Kajeet Unlimited Education data plans for remote learning solutions. Our turn-key plans can be used with Kajeet’s industry-leading SmartSpot, SmartBus, or the new HomeWireless bundle. You no longer have to worry about unplanned expenses or data throttling when a data limit is exceeded.

  • Unlimited data plans starting as low as $20, per month

  • Program Managed by Kajeet

  • Usage and Data Reporting

  • CIPA-Compliant Filters

  • Time-of-Day Access Controls

  • Tier-1 Support Included

Kajeet SmartSpot

Provide students Internet access anytime, anywhere with a filtered mobile hotspot.

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Kajeet SmartBus

Outfit your fleet with WiFi to improve school bus safety and extend the classroom.

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Kajeet HomeWireless

Connect households with multiple student devices to a faster and more powerful Internet.

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Early Childhood Tablet

An easy-to-use tablet with built-in WiFi for young learners.

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LTE Chromebooks

Ruggedized LTE-ready Chromebooks for the ultimate connectivity solution.

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