K-12 Wireless Solutions

Solutions to power your student connectivity needs

No two schools or districts share the same connectivity needs.

Kajeet offers multiple solutions to connect your mobile environment.

Kajeet Sentinel® is the all-in-one convenient platform for:

  • The Kajeet SmartSpot®, SmartBus™, and Connect™ solutions

  • Safeguarding internet access for students by including filtering, device management, and network security

  • Reporting tools – to know how students use devices and resources outside the classroom

  • Managing data allocations across multiple national carriers


There have been more than 900 incidents reported by public schools since January 2016.

Of 4.9 million devices affected by encounters with cyber threats, 59% were from the education industry.

Distracted students

When students are unsupervised they tend to wander to entertainment or social media sites, and are not only distracted from learning but are often targeted by hackers.

Keep your students safe

Students receive mobile devices from schools, but they need help from educators to remain safe and on task