K-12 Wireless Solutions

No two schools or districts share the same connectivity needs.

Education looks very different now than it did a decade ago.

Ever-increasing reliance on technology proves that reliable Internet access isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. And with more schools moving towards remote and hybrid learning approaches, students without reliable Internet access at home need assistance more than ever.

Digital Inclusion
Powers Our Future.

Students who fall behind in K-12 education are at a disadvantage for college and career readiness, widening the digital divide and ultimately causing skills gaps in the workforce. Increasing digital inclusion starts at the K-12 level, where you can make a difference for students without reliable Internet access at home by providing resources to help them keep up with their peers. 


Kajeet SmartSpot™ – Modern Mobile Hotspots

Reliable, take-home connectivity at reasonable prices? With Kajeet SmartSpot™ you can rest easy knowing students can connect safely at home.


Kajeet LTE-Embedded Devices – The Student Connectivity Solution

Solve two problems in one with Kajeet’s LTE-embedded laptops for students.

Get more students up to speed with LTE-embeded Devices.


Kajeet SmartBus™ – Driving Digital Inclusion

What if you could keep kids connected on their way to and from school? Kajeet SmartBus™ does exactly that, providing safe, reliable access for up to 65 students at a time.

Close the Homework Gap with Kajeet’s solutions

According to the Pew Research Center’s data on the homework gap, “some 5 million households with school-age children do not have high-speed Internet service at home. Low-income households – and especially black and Hispanic ones – make up a disproportionate share of that 5 million.”

Every Student, Always Connected

If you’re struggling for student wifi solutions, we have good news – our wifi-enabled school buses, student laptops, and mobile hotspots can help you shrink the digital divide for students in your schools. 

Keep your students safe

Students receive mobile devices from schools, but they need help from educators to remain safe and on task