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Higher Education WiFi Solutions

Provide anywhere, anytime high-speed broadband on any device

As education changes, providers and administrators need to change with it. Reliable internet access has become a must-have for students, and with the recent increase in schools adapting remote and hybrid learning approaches, that need has only grown.

Driving the Future of Digital Equity

Just as in K-12 schools, higher education students who don’t have internet access at home can fall behind on school work. College and university students can have additional concerns – including costs of living, childcare, and additional responsibilities that K-12 students might not.

And disparities at the college or university level don’t just affect students while they’re at school – future career prospects for those students can suffer as well. Bridging the gap for students without consistent access to WiFi or electronic devices needed to attend classes or complete assignments drives their futures and the future of society as a whole.

Kajeet Can Increase College Student Connectivity

Students at your institution may have access on campus, but what happens when they go home? The good news is that college student access and remote learning can be in reach with our specially-built distance learning bundles. Kajeet’s LTE-embedded Chromebooks and mobile hotspots can help you shrink the digital divide for students attending your college or university.

Always-on Connectivity

Because Kajeet works with all the major wireless carriers, you can pick the network or networks for the best coverage in your area.

Learning Continuity

Ensure a seamless, equitable transition to remote learning for your students and faculty.

Worry-free Technology

Our all-in-one core platform includes device management, network security, and reporting tools.

Enhanced Learning

Provide students with the opportunity to participate in impactful learning experiences whether the campus is open or closed.

SmartSpot™ – Take-Home Connectivity

Mobile hotspots students can borrow, just like a library book.  SmartSpot™ increases digital equity one hotspot at a time.

SmartSpot Take Home Connectivity Device CheckIn

LTE-Embedded Devices – Device + Network, All in One

One device, all the tools your students need for college remote learning.

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Boost Digital Equity for Your Institution