The Cause

Five million low-income households with students are without Internet access.

7 in 10 teachers assign homework requiring Internet access at home.

1 in 3 students do not have broadband at home.1


The Internet Potential

High school students with broadband at home have graduation rates 6 to 8 percentage points higher than those without.2

Students with tablets and Internet access at home scored 24 percentage points higher than their disconnected peers.3 

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The Homework Gap Grant!

The 2018 Kajeet Homework Gap Grant is currently open!

In 2018, we are giving away 15 Homework Gap Grants to districts and/or schools looking to provide their students with either 10 Kajeet SmartSpot® devices or one (1) Kajeet SmartBus™ device. With our Homework Gap Grant, your school or district can have the opportunity to roll out or expand on your technology program by providing additional connectivity opportunities for your students.

You can also read about the first ever Kajeet Grant winners!

Image: Homework Gap Grant

Learn how to close the Homework Gap

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